Serbian diplomats to help BiH citizens at the Games in Brazil

dacic crnadak_26720163First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met today in Belgrade with his BiH counterpart, Igor Crnadak.

Ministers Dacic and Crnadak discussed today the details of the Agreement on mutual representation and provision of consular protection and consular services in third countries, signed back in 2012.

At a joint press conference following the meeting, they stressed that Serbian diplomats posted to the diplomatic and consular missions in Brazil would be at the service of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, during the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Similar assistance to BiH nationals was offered by the Serbian authorities at World Cup 2014, also held in Brazil.

Minister Crnadak noted that the agreement reached indicated that the two countries were willing to cooperate for the benefit of their citizens, and this was not just empty talk.

“This is important for practical reasons, because we have a delegation of athletes, journalists, tourists, and it is important that they will all be provided assistance in this way. Otherwise, we will have to do that from Sarajevo, which is considerably more difficult and costly”, said Minister Crnadak.

Both Ministers stated that their consular departments would agree on all the details of the agreement in the coming days.

Ministers Dacic and Crnadak sent a message that Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina remained the closest partners and that the common path of the two countries was that of cooperation, rather than of conflict.