Statements and the policy of Bosniak officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina aim to destabilize the region

dacic -_konferencija_za_novinare“Today’s lifting of injunctions imposed on the war criminal Naser Oric, accused of having committed crimes against the Serbs in the safe haven of Srebrenica, and the statements made by Bakir Izetbegovic to the effect of comparing Banjaluka and Novi Pazar, demonstrate that the policy of Bosniak officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina was aimed at destabilizing the region and stirring trouble with Serbia and the Serbian people.

The Republika Srpska is an internationally guaranteed entity, which is equal with the other entity, and the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is internationally recognized as an equal and a constituent nation, together with the other two. The special parallel relations between Serbia and the Republika Srpska have been guaranteed under the Dayton Accords. Therefore, any comparison with Novi Pazar actually calls for a change to the constitutional system of Serbia, and constitutes gross interference in our internal affairs.

Serbia will not permit anyone to do that, Izetbegovic included”.