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VRSAt an unusual assembly of a Council of a World Customs Organization (WCO), hold in Brussels on 14 and 15 Dec this year, a preference was done to set adult a Working Group to understanding with advent issues, including that of supposed “Kosovo”, in line with a WCO Council preference of Jul 2017. This means that supposed “Kosovo” is still being denied voting rights due to a fact that a standing in a Organization has been doubtful by around half of a membership not noticing a unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija. It was motionless during a assembly that a Working Group would get behind to a Council with a conclusions and proposals during a subsequent assembly in mid-2018 to plead Kosovo’s advent to a WCO. In a meantime, a standing of Kosovo in a Organization has been doubtful and suspended.

It should be removed that “Kosovo” sought to turn a member in Jan this year by depositing an instrument of advent to a Kingdom of Belgium, as depositary of a Convention Establishing a Customs Cooperation Council that a Republic of Serbia along with half of a WCO Member States challenged during a assembly hold in July, when supposed Kosovo was nude of a rights. Both during a Council meetings in Jul and December, it became apparent that a WCO members were divided per a standing of supposed Kosovo.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Office for Kosovo and Metohija and a Customs Administration continued to work together during a Dec WCO assembly to forestall deceptive advent of supposed Kosovo to a World Customs Organization.

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