The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia addresses a Protest Note to Barbados

MFAThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia addressed a Protest Note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados in which it stated that it received with dismay the news of the decision of Barbados to recognize the unilaterally declared independence of so-called “Kosovo”.

“This unreasonable and unexpected act comes at a time when many countries worldwide, including some of the close neighbours of Barbados, are reconsidering and revoking their decisions to recognize the so-called state of “Kosovo”. The decision will certainly not contribute to reaching a final solution, acceptable to both sides, for the issue of the status of “Kosovo”, which, even in the view of those countries that were among the first to recognize the independence of “Kosovo”, is yet to be agreed.

The Republic of Serbia finds particularly offensive the fact that the decision to recognize was made public on 15 February, the National Day of the Republic of Serbia. The decision, made by a state which enjoyed selfless support of Belgrade in the decolonization process and with which diplomatic relations were established as early as 1977, is considered by the Republic of Serbia as a short-sighted decision of the current administration that is contrary to the principles of international law and positions presented in recent bilateral contacts between representatives of the two Governments, and the motivation behind it can only be guessed”, reads the Note of Protest by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.