The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia addresses a Protest Note to Barbados

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MFAThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia addressed a Protest Note to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados in that it settled that it perceived with dismay a news of a preference of Barbados to commend a unilaterally announced autonomy of supposed “Kosovo”.

“This irrational and astonishing act comes during a time when many countries worldwide, including some of a tighten neighbours of Barbados, are reconsidering and revoking their decisions to commend a supposed state of “Kosovo”. The preference will positively not minister to reaching a final solution, excusable to both sides, for a emanate of a standing of “Kosovo”, which, even in a perspective of those countries that were among a initial to commend a autonomy of “Kosovo”, is nonetheless to be agreed.

The Republic of Serbia finds quite descent a fact that a preference to commend was done open on 15 February, a National Day of a Republic of Serbia. The decision, done by a state that enjoyed unselfish support of Belgrade in a decolonization routine and with that tactful family were determined as early as 1977, is deliberate by a Republic of Serbia as a myopic preference of a stream administration that is discordant to a beliefs of general law and positions presented in new shared contacts between member of a dual Governments, and a proclivity behind it can usually be guessed”, reads a Note of Protest by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia.

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