There can be no doubt that the salute “For home ready” is associated with the Ustasha movement, says the Minister

D“There is a debate going on in Croatia these days about how to legally regulate the use of the Ustasha salute “For home ready”. Of course, with a purpose to allow its use. This is, in fact, a clear indicator of the situation prevailing in Croatia, which, as an EU member state, is rehabilitating the fascist Ustasha-run NDH (Independent State of Croatia).

Imagine that such a debate or use of Nazi symbols happened in Germany, where one goes to prison for saluting Nazi-style “Sieg Heil”. Or, if someone used a swastika in any country, it would surely be seen as an association with Hitler, despite of it also being one of the symbols of Eastern religions. When Prince Harry wore a T-shirt with a swastika, the English public accused him of Nazism, not Buddhism or Hinduism.

This is the case with Croatia as well, it is clear that the salute “For home ready” is associated with Ustashe, with Ante Pavelic, who used it first in 1932, and the Nazi-allied Ustasha NDH. Besides, Slavko Kvaternik ended his first speech with the same salutation, when the NDH declared its independence on 10 April 1941. Magazine “Hrvatska straza” (“Croatian guard”) said on 7 June 1942 that the salute “For home ready” “sprang from the Poglavnik’s (Ante Pavelic) soul”. With the salute “For home ready”, the genocide against the Serbs, Jews and Roma was perpetrated across the NDH. The neo-Ustasha supporters marched in Knin using this salute as well, on the occasion of commemoration of Storm, the largest ethnic cleansing operation in Europe after the Second World War.

Of course, Croatia has the right to decide on its own path, but it does not have the right, nor will Serbia remain silent about this, to rehabilitate and justify the genocide of the Serbs, Jews and Roma in the fascist Ustasha-run NDH. Even though Europe is silent, Serbia cannot and will not do the same.”