Traditionally friendly relations between Serbia and DR Congo fundamental to promotion of cooperation in all areas

Ivica Dacic First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Foreign Affair Ivica Dačić met today with the Minister of Communications and Media of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lambert Mende Omalanga.

Minister Dačić reminded that Serbia was proud of the history of our relations and of cooperation dating back to the times of former Yugoslavia. He underscored that our country fostered Yugoslav politics towards the entire Africa, reminding that the First Conference of Non-Aligned Countries was held in the former SFRY and that Serbia declared 25 May as the Day of Friendship with the Peoples of Africa.

The Head of Serbian diplomacy acquainted his interlocutor with the position of Serbia regarding Kosovo, thanking for DR Congo’s firm and principled position on this issue, and informed him about the negotiations conducted in Brussels.
Minister Dačić said that Serbia wished to develop cooperation with DRC in all areas, trade, scholarship granting for students from DRC, as well as cooperation in the fields of science and sports.

The Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo stressed that his country also advocated economic cooperation with the Republic of Serbia and that this visit should lead one step closer to that goal. He underlined that he was happy to visit Serbia and that he felt particularly honoured to be in the city in which the First conference of the Non-Aligned Movement had been held.

Regarding the issue of Kosovo, he emphasized that the Democratic Republic of Congo had full understanding for the position of Serbia, that they were dedicated to the principle of inviolability of borders, as well as that the support of his country for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia was unequivocal.

Both sides agreed that traditionally friendly relations between the two countries, which have long and rich history, should also be the basis for their economic cooperation and for mutual support at the international level and in international organizations.