Serbia was postulated compared member standing by unanimous preference of La Francophonie permanent members

Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic is currently in Yerevan to take partial in a 17th Summit of a Heads of State and Government of a International Organization of La Francophonie (IOF).

As a initial day of a Summit of La Francophonie was brought to an end, Serbia was postulated a standing of an IOF Associate Member during this critical multilateral eventuality entertainment approximately eighty states, including permanent members, associate members and observers.

“At a assembly of a permanent membership of La Francophonie, Serbia was postulated a standing of an Associate Member. It was motionless by unanimity, definition that all of a IOF permanent members totalling over 50, voted in favour.

Without a doubt, this is nonetheless another step brazen as we continue to foster a status, and a step brazen in a growth of team-work in a horizon of this critical multilateral organization.

Naturally, we used a eventuality as an eventuality for a series of shared meetings with many countries to plead topics that are critical to Serbia, such as a emanate of Kosovo.

As for a member of Kosovo who are also in assemblage here, who perceived an spectator standing in a Organization 4 or 5 years or so ago and an associate member standing this year, and them hailing this as a good tactful victory, we have to underline that membership of this Organization is not indifferent for states only. For example, one Louisiana has also been postulated a certain standing today, since dual or 3 Canadian regions are also members of La Francophonie, as are some Belgian provinces, etc. An associate member standing can possibly be given to states or regions that so desire. In this context, thirteen permanent members tabled a declaration, i.e., a supposed interpretative matter concerning Kosovo’s request, that states that extenuation an associate membership to Kosovo does not indicate that it is being famous as a state, and that their position on Kosovo stays unaltered.

In a talks we had with member of other states, we have reached poignant agreements concerning a emanate that is elemental to us, namely that of a territorial integrity, and these states have a surpassing bargain of Serbia’s position. Unsurprisingly, a vast series of these countries famous Kosovo in a past 10 years and we have been deliberating with them their intensity reversal of such recognition, and these talks have been successful.

However, in sequence to be means to entirely broach in this regard, we will not divulge who a collocutors were. Many countries whom with we also had talks in New York are also benefaction during this event, and a activities continue. As we already said, it is a expectancy that a series of states that famous Kosovo will dump next one hundred before a New Year, that is, in a few months from now”, resolved Minister Dacic.

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Summit of Heads of State and Government of a International Organization of La Francophonie

Erevan 2018First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated in a 17th Summit of a Heads of State and Government of a International Organization of La Francophonie, hold on 11-12 Oct in Yerevan, Armenia.

The Republic of Serbia has been an spectator in this Organization given 2006, while this year’s Yerevan Summit, by a unanimous preference of all 52 bone-fide members, concluded to ascent Serbia’s standing from an spectator to an associate member of a Organization.

As an Associate Member, a Republic of Serbia will be means to enhance appearance in a activities and programmes of a Organization. Associate membership is a required step towards full membership, that is a impending goal.

On a fringes of a Summit of La Francophonie, a Serbian Foreign Minister had a series of shared meetings.

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Pleasure voiced over glorious family and an well-developed team-work between Serbia and a Sovereign Military Order of Malta

MFAAmbassador of a Sovereign Order of Malta in Serbia Alberto di Luca had a assembly with a Political Director of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Zoran Vujic.

During a considerate meeting, a glorious state of family between Serbia and Sovereign Order of Malta has been jointly underlined, also indicated by a countless charitable and amicable activities promoted by a Embassy in Belgrade.

Ambassador Alberto di Luca settled that a position of Sovereign Military Order of Malta of not noticing a unilaterally announced autonomy of “Kosovo” has remained unchanged. Political Director Vujic renewed a appreciation for a unaltered positon of a Sovereign Order of Malta to a government and territorial firmness of a Republic of Serbia.

Ambassador Di Luca was gratified to note a swell of a negotiations directed during signing shared Postal Agreement

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Minister Dacic in talks with U.S. Ambassador Scott

Ivica Dacic with Kyle ScottFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks currently with U.S. Ambassador to a Republic of Serbia Kyle Scott.

The collocutors exchanged views on a new 73rd Session of a United Nations General Assembly, conveying their compensation with a successful meetings hold between officials of a Republic of Serbia and a United States on this occasion.

Ambassador Scott underlined a significance of continued efforts being invested towards extended family among countries in a segment and a graduation of informal cooperation, quite in a context of a serve march of Serbia’s European formation process.

Minister Dacic stressed that a rite imprinting a 100th anniversary given a Serbian dwindle flew over a White House, in Jul this year, and a tact of Operation Halyard anniversary were a serve support for a strengthening of team-work between a dual countries, additionally compelling a certain energetic in a growth of U.S.-Serbia shared relations.

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