Minister Dacic in talks with President of a Moroccan Parliament’s House of Representatives

Dacic Malki_15.03On a second day of his revisit to a Kingdom of Morocco, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met with Mr. Habib El Malki, President of a House of Representatives of a Moroccan Parliament.

In a talks with a President of a House of Representatives, both sides voiced pleasure with a good family between a dual countries and endorsed willingness for their serve all-round promotion, quite in a fields of economy, trade and culture.

Minister Dacic underlined that Morocco and Serbia were tied by many years of loyalty and called on serve graduation of shared and multilateral cooperation.

On this occasion, a Serbian Foreign Minister thanked a Moroccan high central for his assemblage of a initial rite of a President of a Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, that took place on 23 Jun 2017.

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To continue team-work on a doing of concluded transport, appetite and other projects within a Berlin Process

WB6Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a Informal Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of a “Western Balkans Six” hold currently in Sarajevo:

“Dear host, Minister Crnadak,
Dear keynote speakers,
Distinguished colleagues,
Ladies and gentlemen,

At a outset, we would like to appreciate Minister Crnadak, for organizing this assembly and all renowned participants and colleagues who supposed to take partial in this eventuality and make a grant to a discuss on critical issues for a destiny of a Western Balkans featuring on a bulletin today.
Minister Crnadak,
All participants here are good wakeful that EU membership is Serbia’s unfamiliar process priority. we was privately happy to see that a European Commission request of 6 Feb 2018 on EU increase strategy, singled out a Republic of Serbia as a claimant nation from a segment carrying a viewpoint of being entirely prepared for EU membership in 2025. we am blissful that such notice has been assessed as desirous given this word accurately reflects an end towards success and approval and as such, it is both enlivening and constructive. Since this request settled that all 6 Western Balkan aspirants will be assessed on their possess merits in terms of design swell done by any nation individually, we am assured that a aspiration of a Republic of Serbia, that we mentioned earlier, on a highway to a full EU membership will continue to motivate us to make progress, to improve, acquire new knowledge, and instead of being complacent, work tough and dedicate ourselves to grasp a aspirations.

Allow me to stress that a Republic of Serbia has been good on a right lane of reforms. Let me illustrate this by some of a latest indicators:

1. In a fourth entertain of 2017, practice rate for a race aged 15 and over was 46.3 per cent as compared to an stagnation rate of 14.3 per cent, ensuing in an total mercantile activity rate of 54.2 per cent. In a same period, GDP increasing by 2.5 per cent in genuine terms compared to a same duration final year.

2. Over a past 3 years, a Republic of Serbia managed to change out dual mercantile lines – spending and gain overdue to that we had a bill over-abundance of 12 per cent of GDP while prerequisite was projected during 1.7 per cent. In unsentimental terms, it means that we managed to retreat a debt arena downwards and revoke a share of debt in GDP. Projected GDP expansion for this year is 3.5 per cent.

3. That a Republic of Serbia is safely on a proceed of full mercantile liberation can be best illustrated by a fact that a industrial outlay in Jan 2018 increasing 10.6 per cent over Jan 2017.

Minister Crnadak,
Distinguished colleagues,
As for a debates within this format, we would like to indicate out that a “Berlin Process” and a Western Balkans Six have evidently profiled themselves as formats enabling us to foster and lower team-work in a segment of a Western Balkans, as famous in a EU increase request – one of a issues we are deliberating here. It seems to me that a coinage “good-neighborly relations” was many ordinarily used via a document. It is of pivotal significance to a Western Balkans as a whole to be reminded of this necessity. As a picturesque man, active in politics for many years, we resolutely trust that building good-neighborly family is a correct proceed to make a segment quick and moneyed and safeguard that a adults have a softened and softened peculiarity of life in all segments. Perhaps that is not quick adequate nor fit adequate though all of us are apparently operative to ascent connectivity and team-work among us. Let me give we only one example, something inconceivable not prolonged ago. On 9 Mar this year, we sealed a Memorandum of Understanding with a colleagues from Croatia on a reformation of a Belgrade-Zagreb railway that will revoke ride time between a dual capitals by 4 hours. We design that plan papers will be finished this year so that a works can start subsequent year and be over in dual to 3 years. This plan is critical to a whole segment in terms of ride of passengers and products given a railway is located on Corridor X. we trust that this project, in further to a Highway of Peace, will be one of a core elements of ride connectivity of pivotal significance both to a Republic of Serbia and a segment of a Western Balkans as a whole. We are beholden to a Western Balkan partners as good as to EU Member States for their support to Belgrade in winning a chair of a domicile of a Transport Community Secretariat.

Minister Crnadak,
Dear colleagues,
I would like to assure we that several institutions, generally State authorities of a Republic of Serbia really delicately investigate a mandate we have to accommodate in sequence to join EU as shortly as possible. As a deputy entrance from Belgrade, we can't though discuss – and we quote:” Without an fit and extensive normalization between Belgrade and Pristina by a EU-facilitated dialogue, there will be no long-term fortitude in a region. A extensive legally-binding agreement on normalization is obligatory and essential in sequence for Kosovo and Serbia to allege their particular European paths.”

However, a position vis-á-vis a Community of Serb Municipalities, forming an constituent partial of a Brussels agreement, exemplifies best how a dual sides embraced opposite approaches to a implementation.

Our position is that all concluded on and supposed forms an constituent partial of a Agreement. You know, situations like this are graphically described by a good aged countenance “It takes dual to tango”.

Minister Crnadak,
Distinguished colleagues,

I am assured that we should continue to concur on all transport, appetite and other projects within a “Berlin Process” concluded so far, as good as to strengthen team-work in all segments that move benefit. On this occasion, we would like to underline a pivotal significance of implementing as fit and as quick as probable a Multi-Annual Action Plan for a Regional Economic Area in a Western Balkan Six, harmonized during final year’s limit in Trieste. we consider that a activities of a common Chamber Investment Forum will have a quite critical purpose to play in strengthening and joining a informal economies. The activities of a Regional Youth Cooperation Office will no doubt have a certain impact on a region’s progress. Its investiture and initial open call for plan financing paint initial unsentimental formula of a team-work within “Western Balkans Six” and a “Berlin Process”. One of a latest examples of successful team-work in a Western Balkan segment is certainly a central launch of a Western Balkans Fund – WBF about that we shall pronounce some-more this afternoon in a assembly clinging to this issue.

Minister Crnadak,
Dear colleagues,

My sense is that a appetite injected by a Berlin Process into a Western Balkan team-work has been additionally increased by an eager proceed of a British colleagues in preparations for a arriving Summit in London. We support inclusion in a discuss of new team-work topics such as confidence or gender equality. In this way, we can strengthen a ties among us to a advantage of all.

Allow me to finish by quoting a initial judgment in a Enlargement Document from a EC President Juncker’s state of a Union residence delivered in 2017:” If we wish some-more fortitude in a neighborhood, afterwards we contingency say a convincing increase viewpoint for a Western Balkans.

Thank we for your attention.”

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Readiness to rise shared family between Serbia and Morocco in a suggestion of loyalty and cooperation

Dacoc with BuritaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic, who is on a two-day revisit to a Kingdom of Morocco, met currently with Prime Minister of a Kingdom Saadeddine El Othmani and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita.

Minister Dacic and Moroccan officials discussed shared family between Serbia and Morocco and a intensity for a graduation of cooperation, generally in a margin of economy, as good as stream general and informal issues.
“I would like to demonstrate pleasure during my revisit to Morocco. As we know, Serbia is a inheritor of a former Yugoslavia and we take honour in emphasizing a long-standing tradition of a tactful relations.

To my colleague, Minister of Foreign Affairs, we brought photos from a repository taken during President Tito’s revisit to Morocco and photos of King Hassan II who attended a First Conference of Non-Aligned Countries in Belgrade in 1961.
As for a shared relations, they are traditionally good and we mount prepared to rise them serve in a suggestion of loyalty and cooperation.

It is required to activate as shortly as probable a Joint Committee on Cooperation between a dual countries in sequence to boost volume of a mercantile team-work that could be most aloft than it is during present. There are many areas where we can have improved team-work such as agriculture, energy, IT.

Our dual countries share a same views per a honour for general law. It incited out that double standards and exceptions have no place in general law since such exceptions eventually turn rules.
We have confirmed time and again that we support any other’s territorial firmness and act accordingly in general organizations, wishing to solve all problems peacefully, by discourse within institutions charged with facilitating such dialogue, essentially a United Nations.

Respect for territorial firmness of a nation is of pivotal significance to us. We are grateful to Morocco for respecting a territorial firmness of Serbia and we once again titillate that team-work between this segment and a Western Balkan segment be initiated.

DA Serbia and Marocco
We sealed currently a Memorandum on Cooperation between a Diplomatic Academy of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and a Moroccan Academy for Diplomatic Studies of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Kingdom of Morocco as good as Program of Cooperation in a fields of culture, education, media, girl and sports between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Government of a Kingdom of Morocco for a 2018-2020 period.

Also, with a Prime Minister and a Foreign Minister we currently discussed Morocco’s bid to horde a FIFA World Cup. we shall communicate to a Serbian Football Association a recommendation to support Morocco’s bid.
I would like to surprise we that Morocco will be a nation of honour during a International Book Fair to be hold in Belgrade in October. This prestigious eventuality has a tradition durability some-more than half a century”, a Serbian Minister said.
Minister Dacic currently also gave harangue to a students of a Moroccan Academy for Diplomatic Studies, informing them of a unfamiliar process priorities of a Republic of Serbia, Serbian EU integration, informal team-work and stream general topics.

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MFAYoung Italian managers who are on a ten-day revisit to Serbia within a plan of mercantile team-work between Serbia and Italy were perceived currently in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia.

The plan entitled “Italy-Serbia. Participation of immature managers in strengthening mercantile and informative team-work between a dual countries” is being implemented by a Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in team-work with Forma Kamera, a specialized group of a Rome Chamber of Commerce.

On interest of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Slobodan Vukcevic, Head of Neighboring Countries and South-Eastern Europe Department, hold talks with a Italian delegation.

The guest were sensitive about a categorical unfamiliar process priorities of a Republic of Serbia as good as about shared family and team-work with a Italian Republic.

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