Dacic: “OSCE Mediterranean Conference was an event for several shared meetings”

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Iviaca Dacic“Participation in a OSCE Mediterranean Conference was an event for a shared assembly with a new Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Kingdom of Spain. This assembly was of high significance for Serbia given Spain is a EU nation that offers a biggest support to a territorial firmness of Serbia. The position of Spain is a vital deterrent to environment a approval of Kosovo as an final for a delay of a European formation routine of Serbia.
We have both remarkable that shared family between a dual countries were exceptional. we have invited my co-worker to revisit Serbia, so as to strengthen a team-work even more.

I also met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Miroslav Lajcak, who will take over a OSCE Chairmanship on 1 January. It is critical for Serbia that during this duration a Organization be managed in correspondence with standing neutrality. Bearing in mind that Albania practical for OSCE Chairmanship in 2020, we have requested that Albania respects standing neutrality and a beliefs of a Organization, as a exigency for a usurpation a candidacy. In such case, a OSCE Troika would be comprised of Slovakia and potentially Albania, though it is also critical that a OSCE position we have mentioned be confirmed in a years to come.

The subject of a Conference was also a inclusion of all OSCE member states, in sequence to safeguard a best probable team-work with a Mediterranean countries. Serbia will shortly contention a focus for membership in a Union for a Mediterranean.

We wish to boost a participation in Spain. A few months ago we determined a Consulate headed by an Honorary Consular Officer in Zaragoza, and now we have non-stop a Consulate in Seville. We would also like to open a Consulate in Barcelona, given Spain is a large country, and a accessible one, and we wish not usually to encourage good domestic and mercantile family with it, though also to yield assistance for a adults staying in this region,” a Serbian Foreign Minister pronounced following a meetings in Malaga.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/18292-dacic-osce-mediterranean-conference-was-an-opportunity-for-various-bilateral-meetings