Grenada revokes recognition of Kosovo

Ivica Dacic and Peter DavidGrenada is the ninth country to revoke the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, as announced by the Foreign Ministers of Serbia and Grenada, Ivica Dacic and Peter David.

“I can inform you that Grenada is the ninth country to suspend all previous decisions regarding the status of Kosovo, i.e. the recognition of Kosovo as an independent country.”

The two Ministers signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Friendship between the two Ministries and countries. The Serbian Foreign Minister underlined that Serbia wanted to develop its relations with Grenada and that he expected his counterpart Peter David to pay a visit to Belgrade.

“Minister David has officially handed me Grenada’s note for Serbia which clearly says that Grenada has reviewed its position on Kosovo and that, bearing in mind the ongoing dialogue, Grenada believes that it should not take any decisions on the status of Kosovo before the dialogue is finished, that it will respect the outcomes of the dialogue and that in this light, it suspends all previous decisions taken or declarations made regarding the status of Kosovo”, Minister Dacic said.

The Minister stressed that this meant that Grenada annulled the position of recognition of Kosovo as an independent state.

“This is another major achievement, not only for disputing Kosovo’s independence, but also for the understanding of this issue – that it can be resolved only through dialogue, which is an encouragement to reaching a solution through dialogue – and not, as Kosovo believes, that the matter has already been settled. This shows that the matter has not yet been settled and it is to be seen, at the Interpol voting, that the number of countries believed to recognize Kosovo is false. Since supposedly there are so many countries supporting them, the expected outcome would be their admission to Interpol, but I can guarantee you that it will not happen”, Minister Dacic said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada Peter David said that his country’s cooperation with Serbia was based on profound mutual respect for sovereignty and non-interference with internal matters.
He said that Grenada had good cooperation with Serbia, in particular in the area of education, students from Grenada being educated in Serbia.

“I am looking forward to deepening the cooperation between our two countries. We have signed an agreement which makes provisions for the establishment of a Joint Commission on Cooperation in the areas of education, health, agriculture and apartment construction”, Minister David said.

The note delivered states that Grenada has decided to review its position on the status of Kosovo.

“After extensive research and deliberation, the Government of Grenada considers that the support for the solution of the future status of Kosovo arrived at through dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is paramount and the preferred mechanism to achieve a just, lasting and sustainable solution. Indeed, once the two parties reach an agreement, the Government of Grenada will steadfastly support the position reached by the parties. In the interim, the Government of Grenada suspends any previous decision or declaration on the question as to the status of Kosovo.”