Republic of Serbia consistently respects general law

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MFAFollowing several reports in a unfamiliar media and on amicable networks per a position of a Republic of Serbia on Western Sahara and a erring interpretation and misinterpretations, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to take this event to echo once again a organisation position on this issue, that stays unvaried and consistent, formed on a supplies of general law and a applicable UN Security Council resolutions.

The emanate of Western Sahara falls within a cunning of a United Nations and for a Republic of Serbia, therefore, it is multilateral and regional. The Republic of Serbia strongly supports a UN efforts to find a resolution to a emanate of Western Sahara and advocates a peaceful, just, jointly excusable and durability solution, refraining from uneven stairs and but influence to a final outcome of UN-brokered negotiations.

The Republic of Serbia entirely understands how supportive this emanate is for both sides and calls on them to resume negotiations in good faith by a UN complement that will lead to a resolution formed on a beliefs that Serbia has consistently emphasized and maintained. At a same time, as a genuine and proven crony of a segment and a African continent during large, it does not wish to be concerned in disputes in that directly meddlesome parties should strech an agreement. As a nation that done a unselfish grant to a ransom of a continent from unfamiliar order and generally as a first member of a Non-Aligned Movement and one of a initiators of a Organization of African Unity, a Republic of Serbia hopes that the friends will know that.

The Republic of Serbia is meddlesome in serve growth of differently glorious family with African states, quite by already satisfied and stirring visits during high level.

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