Ambassador Filipovic confers with General Petr Pavel

B.FilipovicActing Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipovic, had talks today with the NATO Military Committee Chairman, General Petr Pavel, who is on a visit to the Republic of Serbia during which he met the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubisa Dikovic.

The two interlocutors assessed that there was an intensified political dialogue both on the top civil and military levels, aimed at deepening understanding and confidence, which is in the mutual interest, thus contributing, at the same time, to the further promotion of peace and stability in the region. In addition to political dialogue, the practical partner cooperation is being enhanced as well.

Ambassador Filipovic pointed out that the Republic of Serbia conducted policy of military neutrality that was respected by the NATO. He added that Serbia was recognized as a reliable partner on the international stage, as a factor of regional stability and exporter of security with a clear orientation towards strengthening cooperation through the Partnership for Peace Program as well as cooperation with other international partners that is not detrimental to the collaboration with the Alliance and vice versa.

Ambassador Filpovic put a special emphasis on a very successful cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR as well as on the importance of the mandate and the role of KFOR in Kosovo and Metohija, established under UNSC Resolution 1244, and underlined that unreduced presence of KFOR, being the only legal and legitimate military force in the Province, is of crucial importance for the security and survival of the Serbian community in Kosovo and Metohija and for the preservation of its cultural and religious heritage.

In an open exchange, the two sides also discussed future activities within the PfP cooperation between Serbia and the NATO, including the international emergency response exercise, to be held in Serbia, in October 2018, participation in the projects of “The Science for Peace and Security” program, as well as other forms of partner cooperation contributing to the achievement of the set goals.