Republic of Serbia consistently respects international law

MFAFollowing various reports in the foreign media and on social networks regarding the position of the Republic of Serbia on Western Sahara and its erroneous interpretation and misinterpretations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to take this opportunity to reiterate once again its firm position on this issue, which remains unchanged and consistent, based on the provisions of international law and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

The issue of Western Sahara falls within the competence of the United Nations and for the Republic of Serbia, therefore, it is multilateral and regional. The Republic of Serbia strongly supports the UN efforts to find a solution to the issue of Western Sahara and advocates a peaceful, just, mutually acceptable and lasting solution, refraining from unilateral steps and without prejudice to the final outcome of UN-brokered negotiations.

The Republic of Serbia fully understands how sensitive this issue is for both sides and calls upon them to resume negotiations in good faith through the UN system that will lead to a solution based on the principles that Serbia has consistently emphasized and maintained. At the same time, as a genuine and proven friend of the region and the African continent at large, it does not want to be involved in disputes in which directly interested parties should reach an agreement. As a country that made a selfless contribution to the liberation of the continent from foreign rule and especially as a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement and one of the initiators of the Organization of African Unity, the Republic of Serbia hopes that our friends will understand that.

The Republic of Serbia is interested in further development of otherwise excellent relations with African states, particularly through already realized and forthcoming visits at high level.