Statement expelled by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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logo mspThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia states that it has not hired any unfamiliar lobbying firms given 2012.

On 16 Apr 2008, a Government of Vojislav Kostunica and Boris Tadic intent “30 Point Strategies”, a lobbying organisation specializing in consultancy services, and on 5 Aug 2011, a Government of Mirko Cvetkovic sealed a agreement with a Podesta Group on sustenance of consulting services (lobbying).

After a 2012 change of government, both contracts were consummated and payments were finished usually underneath a obligations that had to be carried out in suitability with a formerly sealed agreements. Since 2012, no new arrangements have been entered into with unfamiliar lobbying firms. The matter released by a “Dosta je bilo” domestic transformation contains some sum untruths about employing a Podesta Group. Neither former Prime Minister Ivica Dacic nor his inheritor Aleksandar Vucic hired or resolved agreements with a Podesta Group or any other unfamiliar lobbying firm.

Why Podesta group, a association operative for Miskovic, was hired during a time, is a doubt for Boris Tadic and Mirko Cvetkovic. All was finished in confidence, and it cost a nation any month 100 thousand dollars for Podesta Group”, and 42 thousand dollars for 30 Point Strategies. That is a truth, distinct a promotion lies of a “Dosta je bilo” movement.

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