Statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

logo mspThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia states that it has not hired any foreign lobbying firms since 2012.

On 16 April 2008, the Government of Vojislav Kostunica and Boris Tadic engaged “30 Point Strategies”, a lobbying firm specializing in consultancy services, and on 5 August 2011, the Government of Mirko Cvetkovic signed a contract with the Podesta Group on provision of consulting services (lobbying).

After the 2012 change of government, both contracts were terminated and payments were made only under the obligations that had to be carried out in accordance with the previously signed agreements. Since 2012, no new arrangements have been entered into with foreign lobbying firms. The statement issued by the “Dosta je bilo” political movement contains some gross untruths about hiring the Podesta Group. Neither former Prime Minister Ivica Dacic nor his successor Aleksandar Vucic hired or concluded agreements with the Podesta Group or any other foreign lobbying firm.

Why Podesta group, a company working for Miskovic, was hired at the time, is a question for Boris Tadic and Mirko Cvetkovic. All was done in confidence, and it cost our country each month 100 thousand dollars for Podesta Group”, and 42 thousand dollars for 30 Point Strategies. That is the truth, unlike the propaganda lies of the “Dosta je bilo” movement.