Dacic: “Sadik Ahmetovic’s statement speaks most eloquently about Bosniak politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

dacic-tanjug“Sadik Ahmetovic’s statement saying that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was the only one to blame and that he had attacked himself, speaks most eloquently about Bosniak politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Firstly, Prime Minister Vucic travelled to Srebrenica at their invitation. Secondly, that means that the host country is obligated to look after his safety. It is almost unrecorded in Europe that a politician was attacked in the territory of another country, at whose invitation he had initially arrived. Thirdly, where were the hosts, Bakir and Sadik and the rest?

A few days later, Bakir Izetbegovic peacefully walked the streets of Belgrade with his host, Aleksandar Vucic, and we showed that way what it means to be a serious state. Does anyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina think that the citizens of Belgrade would welcome Bakir by throwing flowers at his feet, after everything he had said about Serbia and the Serbian people? Couldn’t we have also organized incidents and attacks for him and other foreign visitors, just like in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Serbia would never do or allow that.

And fourthly, is it possible that one year after the attack and attempted murder of Vucic no-one has been held responsible? Even the investigation into the incident has been suspended. It is all an unprecedented international scandal.

This is why we have reasonable doubt that it was a staged and organised attack. I will remind you that Prime Minister Vucic started his previous mandate with a visit to Sarajevo, that he has constantly emphasized the need for stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and for our good neighbourly relations, that he came to Srebrenica to honour the victims, which was highly appreciated by U.S. Vice President Biden, who recently visited Belgrade and condemned attacks against Vucic and this year’s statements that he was not welcome in Srebrenica.

We cannot build peace and regional stability with hatred and by refuelling conflicts. We cannot change the past, but we can build the future, and that requires serious and sincere policies. Serbia is ready for it, and this is not our weakness, as some think, but our great advantage.”