A panel on international humanitarian law hosted by the Red Cross of Serbia

Ambassador Branimir Filipovic, Acting Assistant Minister for security policy, participated in a panel “International humanitarian law – contemporary challenges” hosted by the Red Cross of Serbia and spoke about the key issues of security policy, particularly those in the field of arms export controls, disarmament and combating proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

President of the Red Cross of Serbia, Prof Dr Dragan Radovanovic, opened the event, while representatives from the Faculty of Security Studies, Serbian Armed Forces and the International Committee of the Red Cross were also among the panellists.

The panel was attended by humanities students from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis universities as well as cadets of the University of Defence’s Military Academy. The event aimed to further encourage the students’ interest for this area and contribute to the understanding of a number of issues within this branch of law.