Dacic: “Western Balkans’ European viewpoint essential to informal and European stability”

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Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic over a operative lunch for Ministers of Foreign Affairs of EU Member States and Candidate Countries, orderly within a horizon of a Estonian Presidency of a EU Council:

Esteemed Minister Mikser,
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends,

May I, initial of all, contend a few difference to conclude Estonia as a nation now holding a EU Presidency for providing us with an event to sell views in a benefaction format. we trust that there can never be too many of these meetings; high-level talks between partners should be hold as frequently as possible.

I wish to underline also what we have been mostly repeating to a friends opposite a world. Full membership of a European Union is Serbia’s initial vital unfamiliar routine priority. This reflects a will of a adults of Serbia and a obligatory Government in Belgrade has opted for it, as good as a ones that preceded it.

Therefore, we have a legitimate expectancy that a announced Strategy for a successful advent of Serbia and Montenegro to a European Union will clearly commend Serbia, along with Montenegro, as a personality in a EU advent routine and that a viewpoint of a full membership during a charge of a subsequent European Commission is a picturesque objective. This does not mean, however, that a European trail of other membership aspirants from a segment should be side-tracked. On a contrary, this will inspire all in a Western Balkans to ensue with certain foe in this respect, and with a doing of their inner transformation, as fast and as effectively as possible. we am strongly assured that we in Belgrade will be gratified with a Strategy, as shortly as it is released.

Serbia is undergoing a far-reaching operation of mercantile and domestic reforms directed during scheming a nation for a hurdles EU membership brings with it. we would like to assure we that a Government to that we go is operative tough to overcome all a hurdles down a road. Yesterday’s Intergovernmental Conference certainly comes as approval and a outcome of these efforts, given Serbia has non-stop dual new chapters. we wish that a advent routine will continue successfully underneath a Bulgarian Presidency, and that a series of new chapters will be opened, accordingly. We are wakeful of a good many hurdles confronting a EU, both internally and globally, and for that reason we conclude even some-more a preference of a beside Bulgaria to embody a European viewpoint of a Western Balkans among a priorities of a incoming Presidency. We quite acquire Bulgaria’s idea to horde a EU – Western Balkans summit, whose convening we have been privately advocating for a prolonged time.

We unequivocally wish that Austria and Romania as destiny European Council Presidency holders, really tighten to a region, will understanding with a increase emanate and definitely cruise a Balkan subject within their programmes.
We in Serbia are blissful that there is a flourishing recognition among a Member States that a European viewpoint of a Western Balkans is of essential significance to a fortitude of a segment and Europe as a whole. We have done good strides to normalize a family with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro; both a President of a Republic and members of a Government know full good a significance of informal fortitude to a destiny of Serbia.
You are also wakeful that Serbia has another vital domestic priority – a refuge of territorial firmness and government that has been challenged following a uneven stipulation of autonomy by Kosovo. That is accurately because Serbia’s tactful efforts towards preserving territorial firmness form an essential component of a family with other countries and general factors.
Political leaders in Belgrade invested all their domestic credit in a routine of discourse on a normalization of family with Pristina – that in my ability afterwards as Prime Minister we embarked on in Oct 2012. we would like to assure we that Belgrade stays truly committed to this routine as has been proven time and again by a doing of a achieved agreements. However, we have to remember that no swell whatsoever has been done over a investiture of a Community of Serb Municipalities, nonetheless many of a supplies of a Brussels agreement describe to this issue. It is required that a other side in a discourse assumes shortcoming and honours a obligations. The efforts have to be common quite in perspective of a fact that it is a usually approach to safeguard normal life for adults in Kosovo and Metohija and stabilise family between Serbs and other non-Albanians with a Albanians. we am assured that a whole Union supports Belgrade in this goal, notwithstanding opposite views of a Member States per a standing of Kosovo and Metohija. We therefore wish that a discourse will continue and be successful with full support of a EU and underneath a auspices, whose facilitating purpose we entirely trust. Only by a committed discourse will it be probable to solve all superb issues and build a fast region.
Thank we for your attention.”

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/about-the-ministry/minister/ministry-speeches/17267-dacic-western-balkans-european-perspective-essential-to-regional-and-european-stability