Political Consultations between a Republic of Serbia and a Swiss Confederation during State Secretary level

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Nemanja Stevanovic and Krystyna Marty LangA turn of unchanging domestic consultations between a Republic of Serbia and a Swiss Confederation during a turn of State Secretaries was reason during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

State Secretary of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Stevanovic discussed topics of common seductiveness with Krystyna Marty Lang, Deputy State Secretary of a Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

The officials exchanged views on shared domestic relations, mercantile cooperation, a Brussels Dialogue, informal relations, multilateral team-work and a new Swiss Strategy on mercantile and growth team-work with Serbia for a duration 2018-2021, that was rigourously delivered to Prime Minister of a Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabic a day before.

The new Strategy envisages donations amounting to over EUR 90 million to be channelled into mercantile development, appetite potency and supervision administration (administrative authorities, amicable inclusion) as good as into a twin preparation system, for that functions allocation of poignant appropriation was planned.

With a perspective to heightening a domestic discourse and strengthening a altogether family between a Republic of Serbia and a Swiss Confederation, it was concluded to reason a subsequent turn of domestic consultations in Switzerland in 2019.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/17543-political-consultations-between-the-republic-of-serbia-and-the-swiss-confederation-at-state-secretary-level