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Dacic and JanelidzeFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic met currently with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Mikheil Janelidze, who is profitable an central revisit to Serbia.

Speaking during a news discussion after a meeting, Minister Dacic forked out that Serbia was really most meddlesome in compelling common family with Georgia in all areas. He emphasized that there were no open questions between a dual countries.

“I consider that this revisit was really useful and prolific and that already in a entrance months there will be some-more contacts, meetings and conferences in that a member will take part”.

The Minister voiced an expectancy that both a President and Prime Minister of Georgia would revisit Serbia and that he himself would go on a lapse revisit to Georgia this year.

“We appreciate Georgia for a scrupulous position per uneven announced autonomy of Kosovo. we am blissful that in his talks with President Vucic as well, my co-worker reiterated a organisation position on a territorial firmness and sovereignty, that will not change according to him.”

The Serbian Foreign Minister settled that Serbia was indifferent in a position of unquestionably noticing territorial firmness and government of Georgia. He thanked Georgia for a scrupulous position as good as for petrify stairs outset therefrom – their opinion in general organizations. He removed that Georgia voted opposite Kosovo’s UNESCO membership bid.

In addition, a Serbian Foreign Minister pronounced during today’s assembly that Serbia and Georgia would designate one diplomat any in Belgrade and Tbilisi to foster their family given a dual countries did not have embassies in their particular countries.

The Georgian Foreign Minister emphasized that this revisit validated his self-assurance that a family between Serbia and Georgia were formed on friendship, common values and aspirations.

“We entirely support a government and territorial firmness of Serbia and we are grateful for Serbia’s position of element with courtesy to a government and territorial firmness of Georgia”.

Moreover, a dual Ministers currently sealed an Agreement between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Government of Georgia on visa exemptions for holders of typical passports.

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