Dacic and JanelidzeFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic met today with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Mikheil Janelidze, who is paying an official visit to Serbia.

Speaking at a news conference after the meeting, Minister Dacic pointed out that Serbia was very much interested in promoting bilateral relations with Georgia in all areas. He emphasized that there were no open questions between the two countries.

“I think that this visit was very useful and productive and that already in the coming months there will be more contacts, meetings and conferences in which our representatives will take part”.

The Minister expressed an expectation that both the President and Prime Minister of Georgia would visit Serbia and that he himself would go on a return visit to Georgia this year.

“We thank Georgia for its principled position regarding unilateral declared independence of Kosovo. I am glad that in his talks with President Vucic as well, my colleague reiterated the firm position on our territorial integrity and sovereignty, which will not change according to him.”

The Serbian Foreign Minister stated that Serbia was steadfast in its position of unequivocally recognizing territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. He thanked Georgia for its principled position as well as for concrete steps arising therefrom – their vote in international organizations. He recalled that Georgia voted against Kosovo’s UNESCO membership bid.

In addition, the Serbian Foreign Minister said at today’s meeting that Serbia and Georgia would appoint one diplomat each in Belgrade and Tbilisi to promote their relations since the two countries did not have embassies in their respective countries.

The Georgian Foreign Minister emphasized that this visit reaffirmed his conviction that the relations between Serbia and Georgia were based on friendship, shared values and aspirations.

“We fully support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and we are thankful for Serbia’s position of principle with regard to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia”.

Moreover, the two Ministers today signed an Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of Georgia on visa exemptions for holders of ordinary passports.