State Secretary in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Toncev:”Unacceptable statements of a Ukrainian Ambassador”

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Toncev Ivica“The fact that a Republic of Serbia pursues a balanced, satisfactory and unchanging unfamiliar process that has been proven by solid alleviation of a repute and position during a general stage does not seem to fit everyone. Some Ambassadors are even speedy to act in an definitely undiplomatic or even uncivil demeanour towards a horde country.

The categorical purpose of Ambassadors is to do their best to foster shared relations, essentially domestic and economic, though other forms of team-work as well.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Serbia, His Excellency Olekandr Aleksandrovych seems to keep forgetful this given all his tactful activity has focused on impotent attempts during undermining a family between a Republic of Serbia and a Russian Federation.

In a latest in a array of his shameful interviews, he settled that a Republic of Serbia was not posterior an eccentric unfamiliar policy, i.e. that it is a apparatus in a hands of Russia that seeks to destabilize a whole segment of a Western Balkans and hence “destroy Europe”.

He modernized totally unsubstantiated claims about a purported Serbian cause that destabilizes Macedonia, creates tensions with Croatia and about a impasse of Serbian extremists in an attempted manoeuvre in Montenegro and separatist tendencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course, he did not skip an event to repeat a scandalous matter of a Western diplomat on “sitting on dual chairs”.

It is good that a talk did not final longer since Serbia competence have been indicted of causing a Second World War, in collusion with Moscow, of course.

Since Ambassador Aleksandrovych keeps politicizing a impasse of Serbian volunteers in a armed conflicts in eastern Ukraine, we would like to remember that that a nationals of Ukraine participated in a wars in a domain of former SFRY, that a Republic of Serbia has never hold opposite Ukraine. Serbia respects a territorial firmness of Ukraine and stays committed to a process of compelling shared relations.

In perspective that steady suggestions by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia to a Ambassador of Ukraine to route his energies towards a goals set in a Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations have been to no avail, we take this event to remind his Ministry and a Government of Ukraine of a inadmissibility of such poise that competence enforce us to commence suitable measures indifferent for such situations”, reads a matter by a Secretary of State of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia.

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